Dr. Dillin Parsons - Veterinarian


Dr. Dillin Parsons is a valued veterinarian at White Rock Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Dillin Parsons is originally from Abilene, Texas, where he spent many days at the lake with his father, fishing, and hunting. A love for nature and animals was instilled in him at a young age through these hobbies and the vast network of exotic pets he had growing up. Snakes, prairie dogs, mice, and bearded dragons, amongst others, were just a few of the animals he grew up around. Following high school, Dr. Dillin attended Texas Tech University, where he pursued a major in Wildlife Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Dr. Dillin continued playing tennis amidst his college years as he had in high school and spent breaks working at wildlife rehabilitation centers and local veterinary clinics, which furthered his interest in and experience with exotics species. During this time, Dr. Dillin also joined the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and was elected president, this gained him a vast network of lifetime friends and a passion for philanthropy through their events which supported local charitable organizations in Lubbock. Following graduation from Texas Tech in May of 2019, Dr. Dillin started his veterinary school career in August of the same year at Texas A&M University. Dr. Dillin joined the zoo, exotics, and wildlife club and volunteered at the Winner Wildlife Center in College Station. During the summer of 2021, Dr. Dillin completed a research project at Hill Country Aviary, where he studied parrot welfare and enrichment by working with software to teach captive birds to be more active through interactive games on tablet devices. This experience evoked an interest in feathered species. In his spare time, Dr. Dillin has grown passionate about competitive pickleball and travels statewide to compete in tournaments.

Dr. Dillin visited White Rock for two rotations amidst his 4th year of veterinary school and is excited to return as a new member of the team. He currently has one cat named Dante and is contemplating adding a parrot to the family.

This next step in Dr. Dillin's career is something he has expressed great excitement and passion for, and he looks forward to meeting all his potential new owners and patients, fur, scales, and feathers alike.